WINMAX is a racing division of MK Kashiyama Corp. where high-performance brake pads are designed and produced primarily for Motorsports usage. Established in 1960 in Japan, the Winmax brand has been recognized by many professionals as their premier choice of friction material across the globe. Since the beginning, Winmax brakes has widely been used in Japan and Asia for Rally Racing (Tarmac/Gravel), Gymkhana, Time Attack, and karting. Now, Winmax are an Internationally recognised brand used regularly in categories such as WRC, GT3, GT4, WRC2, JTCC, WTCC and more.

WINMAX virtually has no limits to which genre of Motorsport it can cater to.

Each brake pad has been developed using data logged from real racing conditions as well as specific needs that the racers have requested per vehicle application.

Many hours of research, testing, and development is invested every day in the technical research centre (ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified) to bring you the finest friction material there is.

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